The History of Palm Angels

by Ian Duncan on December 19, 2023
Palm Angels

Palm Angels, the fashion brand that's all about merging skate culture with high-end fashion, has quite the interesting backstory.

Francesco Ragazzi

Back in 2015, Francesco Ragazzi, an Italian photographer and artistic director, embarked on a captivating project. He created a photo book titled "Palm Angels," aiming to capture the vibrant essence of the Los Angeles skateboarding scene. Ragazzi's lens brilliantly captured the raw energy and distinctive style of the skaters against the backdrop of palm-lined streets, encapsulating the essence of California's skate culture. 

Ragazzi's photo book wasn't just a collection of images; it became a catalyst for something much more significant. Inspired by the striking visuals and the unique lifestyle depicted in his book, Ragazzi decided to take a leap into the world of fashion. In the same year of the book's release, he launched Palm Angels as a clothing brand during Milan Fashion Week.

Palm Angels swiftly gained attention for its innovative approach, bridging the gap between streetwear and luxury fashion. Drawing inspiration from the rebellious spirit and edgy style of the skateboarding subculture, Ragazzi's designs for Palm Angels embodied a fusion of urban street vibes with a high-end aesthetic.

Palm Angels

The brand quickly gained traction and recognition, becoming known for its distinctive aesthetic. In 2017, Palm Angels made its significant runway debut during New York Fashion Week. This pivotal moment marked the brand's transition from a photography project to a fully-fledged fashion label. The runway show not only showcased Ragazzi's creative vision but also solidified Palm Angels' position in the competitive fashion industry. The collection received acclaim for its innovative designs and unique style, further cementing the brand's influence.

Collaborations played a crucial role in Palm Angels' growth trajectory. In 2017, the brand collaborated with Moncler, a renowned luxury outerwear brand, for a capsule collection. This partnership merged Moncler's technical expertise with Palm Angels' streetwear flair, resulting in a successful and well-received collection. This collaboration significantly enhanced Palm Angels' visibility and expanded its reach to a broader audience.

Palm Angels became synonymous with certain iconic designs and products that resonated with fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The brand's tracksuits, hoodies, graphic tees, and sneakers emerged as sought-after staples, bearing bold graphics, tie-dye patterns, and the iconic palm tree motif, paying homage to its Californian roots. The tracksuits, in particular, adorned with racing stripes and distinctive logos, quickly became emblematic of Palm Angels' signature style.

Palm Angels

As Palm Angels continued to flourish, it expanded its presence globally. The brand opened flagship stores in key fashion capitals such as Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Milan. These stores served as immersive spaces where fans could experience the brand's edgy aesthetic firsthand. Palm Angels' retail spaces were designed to reflect the brand's ethos, providing a unique ambiance that resonated with its audience.

As years passed, Palm Angels diversified its product line, introducing diverse collections that encompassed outerwear, accessories, and footwear. Notably, collaborations with artists, musicians, and other fashion brands became integral to Palm Angels' narrative. These collaborations further propelled the brand's status in the industry, showcasing its ability to fuse diverse influences while staying true to its skate-inspired roots.

Palm Angels' impact on pop culture was undeniable. The brand was frequently spotted on red carpets, in music videos, and across social media platforms, solidifying its position as a trendsetting label with a global following. Its unique blend of street-inspired fashion and luxury elements continued to resonate with fashion enthusiasts, celebrities, and influencers worldwide.

As Palm Angels continued to evolve, it remained committed to pushing boundaries and redefining the intersection between street culture and high fashion. Francesco Ragazzi's vision of celebrating the rebellious spirit of skateboarding within the realm of luxury fashion remained at the core of the brand's identity. With each collection, Palm Angels aimed to encapsulate the essence of urban street style while infusing it with a touch of luxury and innovation.